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Laptop Device

Girl-ReadingLaptop Device

A book does not require a password
with at least eight characters,
one uppercase letter,
a number and a special character
A book provides its own characters,
usually far more than eight,
and most of them very special.

A book is no diva:
it will not tell you
that it is busy writing scripts
or that a page cannot be found (404 error).
A book does not number its errors, and
it keeps all its pages in one place,
handily bound together,
so none can stray.

A book is not case sensitive,
nor sensitive at all.
You can dog-ear its pages,
write in its margins,
fling it across the room,
neglect it for weeks,
use it as a door stop,
press flowers between its pages,
rest your coffee cup upon it
(leaving a brown ring),
and even then,
its feelings will not be hurt.

If you drop a book,
its screen will not shatter.
Its battery will never die,
and it will not lock you out,
nor get too hot to hold,
except during the sex scenes.

A book will not tell you it is a Read Only file,
denying you permission to write to it.
So feel free to write to it,
preferably a love letter
or a thank you note
for being the perfect laptop device.

August 2014


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