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Please don’t say “between you and I.” It hurts my brain. And it doesn’t make you sound more refined, it only reveals your grammatical ignorance.

Most of us were taught in school that when a pronoun is the object of a preposition, it takes the objective case; me, not I. Okay, maybe you don’t remember objects or cases, so try this:

Think of a simple sentence such as, “He jumped on me.” You would never think to say “He jumped on I,” right?

Now reverse the pronouns in “just between you and I,” and you’ll hear how silly it sounds:

“… just between I and you.”

You wouldn’t say that (I hope).

Bonus point
The same principle applies to a pronoun that is the object of a verb. The confusion arises when there is more than one object, as in: “She was very good to my mother and me.” Some people think they’re using more elevated speech if they say, “She was very good to my mother and I.” Not so.

Again, use the “reversal” technique. You wouldn’t say, “She was very good to I and my mother.” So don’t say “… good to my mother and I.” Just between you and me, it ain’t good grammar.

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